“Is there more to life than this?”







And here’s where you find it.

Stuck in a rut?


Need clarity where to go next?


Feel life passing you by like a high-speed train
and you feel you’re waisting your days?


Need a kick in the butt and a big new dose of courage?


Good. Welcome.

You’re here just in time.

Because get this:

Your average lifetime spans over 29,200 days (if you’re lucky to live to 80).

You might already be close to halfway if you’re 35, which means you have 16,425 days left.

Don’t forget that 1/3 of those days you’re sleeping.

So how will you spend the 10,950 days you’ve got left???



Sorry for shouting.

But let’s not waste any more time on things that you actually don’t want or drain your energy.

Now, it’s time to do the thing(s) you’ve always wanted to do but put off for years, maybe your whole life.

You’ve got one shot at this.

A finite number of days.

Don’t wait until your hair turns grey (or until you need a hip replacement.)

Make each of your days count.

Go to bed having made someone else’s day better. Having spent time with someone you love, or going somewhere new. Having danced or painted  or hula-hooped or sat and dreamed under a tree. Having done what makes you come alive.

(You may not know what that thing is. I can help.)

So ready to move on and get your groove on?

Ready to Say Yes to You?

You don’t have to know where or how to start.

I’ll be with you every step on the way through our 1-on-1 life coaching sessions.

I’ll help you find your flow.

The distance between

your dreams and reality

is called ACTION.


I can warmly recommend Anette’s coaching. Coaching helped me to see clearly the things that are important and what I really want to focus on in my life. I feel like I got really motivated to aim for the right direction! Also, it was very helpful to find ways to cope with some difficult everyday situations. Her coaching is very motivating and I can recommend it to everyone.


Helsinki, Finland

“Anette was great in life coaching me, especially during a crisis I was going through. She is genuinely concerned about the people she works with and went beyond her comfort zone to make sure I was fine. I would totally recommended Anette to anyone who wants to look into and better themselves. Thank you Anette for everything.”



Get the tools you need to go forward in life and reach your dreams and goals. You know deep inside what is the best for you and I help you discover just that. I guide you in making the best choices that will create a balanced, harmonious, effective and fulfilling life.

The aim of Life Coaching is to help you feel your best and be in flow with life. I help you look within and bring out the possibilities that sits in you. Here you can read more about Life Coaching.

By working with a professional Life Coach you achieve your goals more efficiently while being motivated and supported. Clients that have been coached report higher levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, passion for life, better relationships and a much more focused life strategy.

What Life Coaching gives you:
increased self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness
motivation and strength
new perspectives and courage
a drive to try new things
clarity of vision and your goals
overcoming procrastination
eliminate fear and doubt
focus on what is important in your life
the skill to powerfully communicate
tools to turn your challenges into opportunities
tools to identify what gives and takes energy in your life
clarity in what’s holding you back and how to make things happen
insights into stress management: how you can handle and minimize stress and what really makes you feel good


Am I the right coach for you?

You deserve to feel your best!

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